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Community update: August 2023

Liam Thomson
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September 15, 2023

Welcome to the August edition of our product & community update!

The August edition of our product & community update has landed! We were busy building and getting out into the community across the month. Let’s dive in and catch up on the latest.

  • Google Pay: Our Google Pay integration went live
  • Base: We launched our bridge to Base, allowing access to the hottest Layer 2
  • Community Meetups: We were once again jetting across Australia, bringing Stables to local meetups
  • App Updates: For those counting, we released Android 1.1.7 and iOS 1.2.1 with many new feature

What’s New

💳 Google Pay

Following our successful launch of Apple Pay last month, we’ve now got our Android users covered with the launch of Google Pay. For all our users in Australia - you’re now able to pay in-store, online, and in your favourite apps (think Uber, Amazon, Spotify, DoorDash).

Don’t forget to activate your Stables card and add it to your Google Pay wallet.

🔀 Bridge to Base

The much-anticipated release from Coinbase came in August, bringing a new Layer 2 to the Ethereum ecosystem, built on top of Optimism. The Stables team quickly added support so you can bridge USDC to and from Base quickly and securely.

If you want to read more about one of the easiest ways to send, swap or bridge to Base, check out our blog post.

🌱 Community Meetups

August was yet another massive month for community meetups and events. We attended:

  • All Things Blockchain (Brisbane)
  • Intersekt (Melbourne)
  • UpsideDAO (Melbourne)
  • Blockchain Australia (Sydney)

We’ve also got an event in Sydney on the 20th of September, with our Co-Founder Bernie talking to Blockchain Sydney. Register here if you want to attend, as tickets are limited.

📱App Updates

‍We’ve released a swathe of new features and updates in August, levelling up Stables and making your experience even smoother.

  • “Refer a Fren”: Tap on your profile in the top left and share your personalised referral code to spread the word about Stables
  • Sign-in Help: Need help with signing up or signing in? Now, you can easily find us and chat with our team whenever you need assistance.
  • Use Max in Android: Now you can easily tap “use max” to send all funds when withdrawing

That’s a wrap for August! If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! You’re also the first to know that we’re about to launch a new shiny key feature in the next weeks… If you enjoy SENDing your stables, you’ll love this.

Catch you next month! 💜

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