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Benefits of being a Stables ambassador

Earn rewards
Receive sick merch!
Increase your network and get involved in web3 collabs
Get an employee Stables Virtual Mastercard

As an Ambassador, you’ll support the Stables ecosystem by forging strong relationships and showcasing your interest in blockchain and web3.

There's a few things you need to qualify:

Make sure you’ve signed up and verified your Stables account
Top up your Stables account at least once
(either via stablecoins or direct deposit)
Make 5 referrals using your “Refer a Fren” Code

Choose your own adventure:

Moderator / Community Management
Moderate Stables community channels! This includes Telegram, Discord, and the Stables Open Slack.
Content Creator
Spread the word on social media about upcoming Stables products, events and news. Share your own content of Stables in action.
Attend or host Stables meet-up events for your local community that are well promoted and attended.
Grow the Stables community and Ambassador program by referring new people through your unique code.
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USDT coin
Why become an Ambassador?

When you become a Stables Ambassador, you get a chance to join in on the mission in building a borderless financial network with stablecoins at its core.

What promotion methods are allowed?

Whether you're running a website, a blog, or a company, or you've got a solid social media presence, you're all welcome to be part of the Stables family. You can help us out by writing about us, casually slipping Stables into your articles, creating some cool YouTube videos, or just sharing the love on social media. If you're a  Web3 business, don't hesitate to recommend Stables to your clients and employees. And, if you deal with remittances, suggest Stables as the best option.

How is the Ambassador Program different from Refer a Fren?

Our Referral program is designed for personal connections, allowing you to invite individuals you know, such as friends and family, to join Stables. On the other hand, the Ambassador Program is tailored for a public audience, enabling you to promote Stables on platforms like your social media or at events.

Have more questions?

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