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We’ve made sending effortless, allowing you to access your money where and when you need it.

Everyday payments made easy




Stables app activity screenStables app activity screenStables app activity screen

Everyday payments made easy




Send money in seconds, not days

We use stablecoins to send your money, which makes sending faster than using traditional banks or providers.

Cheap payments, transparent fees

Sending money across borders can be costly. With Stables, you’ll see clear info about how much it’ll cost to send on the blockchain, and how much in fees you’ll pay.

Secure and trackable, thanks to the blockchain

Sending with Stables is safe and secure. By leveraging blockchain technology, you can track your money at all times, from the moment it leaves your wallet to when it arrives on the other end.
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Check out our help centreUSDC Coin
USDT coin
What can I send?

Currently you can send USDC on Polygon, but we're working tirelessly to expand our horizons! Soon you’ll be able to send USDC and USDT via 7 supported chains - Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Avalanche, Base, and BSC.

If there's a specific network or token pair you'd like to see us support, don't hesitate to give us a shout. We're all ears for your suggestions!

Who can I send to?

Feel free to send to any wallet on our supported chains, whether it’s a Stables account or not.

Are there any fees?

Sending money from Stables to Stables wallets is free!

However we charge a small amount for sending money to external wallets. This includes a network fee to cover blockchain validators, plus a payment processing fee. Learn more here.