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We’re the crypto wallet replacing your bank.

Crypto for your everyday payments

We’re the crypto wallet replacing your bank.
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Bored of your bank?

Tired of exchanges? Off-ramping a 

Try Stables

The easiest way to buy, spend and send your crypto.

Trusted by people at top on-chain companies
Spend your crypto like cash
From coffee to a coffee machine, pay anywhere Mastercard is accepted with your Stables card.
Spend online & in-store with no FX fees.
Card with floating coins
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Simply tap with Apple or Google Pay.
Move money locally or globally
Pay rent, pay friends, pay invoices. Send your crypto and receive cash in over 30+ currencies.
Belgium • Vatican City State • Gabon • Ivory Coast • Togo • Peru • South Africa • Cyprus • Luxembourg • Colombia • Estonia • Chile • Portugal • Botswana • Ireland • Argentina • Slovenia • Spain • Germany • Italy • Burkina Faso • Finland • Austria • Rwanda • Netherlands • Greece • Andorra • Slovakia • Mexico • Uganda • Singapore • Benin • San Marino • Kenya • Lithuania • Malta • Philippines • France • Latvia • Tanzania • Congo Brazzaville • Australia • Nigeria • Zambia
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Send crypto.
End with cash.
Payment method icons in the Stables app
Send to a wallet, bank account or mobile wallet.
Send stablecoins, euros, dollars, pesos, and more — in only a few taps.
Currency icons
Fund with crypto or local currencies
Top up with local currencies
Fund your account by buying stablecoins with local payment methods like bank transfer, PayID, or debit card.
Top up with crypto
Fund your account with USDT, USDC, DAI, PYUSD, and popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), on 10+ crypto networks.
A list of what blockchains are available on the Stables platform
Explore a new way to pay your everyday
Store your funds with world-class security. MPC cryptography, biometrics and more.
Your on-chain balance is linked to local payments. No need to get off-chain.
Find delightful interactions with every tap.
No hidden fees. We’re committed to being the best (or close to) on fees.
24/7 support
Our support team is always on call to help where you need.
Built just for you
For remote workers
Get paid securely from anywhere into a free global USD account and easily send to your local bank.
For businesses
Perfect for paying invoices or employees with stablecoins or cash. We blend traditional finance and deFi so you have less on your plate.
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Jeremy Allaire

Posted on X

Impressive. Send USDC over any chain to @stables_money and cash out in the Philippines to any of these e-money services. The global stablecoin routes are coming together!

The future of crypto on/off ramp

This is the future of on and off ramps IMO. This basically allows you to have a bank account on chain and then spend directly using any L2. The possibilities are endless due to being able to store everything on chain and only go off chain for spending.

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Perfect for using stable coins on the daily

Love the app team! Absolutely amazing and use it all the time for purchases or a cheeky drink with the fellas. Easy to use and low fees. So good to be able to use all the chains too so it’s a variety of options

Apple App Store review

Alex Svanevik

Posted on X

Just used @stables_money to send money to a freelancer in the Philippines.

Pretty cool: I top up with stablecoins, and can then send via e-money wallets there.

Love it

This is the third Australian virtual card product I have used for spending crypto and it is easily the best.

Clean and simple to use, with support for low fee networks and native spending (instead of converting holdings to fiat). Keep up the great work Stables team

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Gabby Dixon | YGG

Posted on X

This is a great product. Really useful for people who hold their assets mainly in crypto and stablecoins.

Beautiful designed and working perfectly!

Honestly one of the best designed apps I’ve seen in a minute, let alone the best crypto app. I’ve only used it for the off-ramp process so far and that went smoothly without any issues. Excited to try out the card! Team is responsive if you have any questions. Bravo!!

Apple App Store review

Best way to use your crypto in the real world even while travelling!

I use stables for my everyday purchases with my crypto. I’m able to use it even when I travel. I never have to worry who accepts crypto, conversion rates or anything. I simply tap and continue to my day. The support team is also super responsive and always helpful with anything.

My favourite crypto app.

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Amazing app

The app is amazing and does everything it says it does and more. Very easy to use and super stylish UI. I made a mistake during setup and the in app live chat support assisted and fixed the issue within 3 minutes!!!

Apple App Store review