Bridge to Base securely with Stables!

Liam Thomson
• Publilshed
August 23, 2023

Have you been watching all the action happening over on Base but don’t know how to get started? Thanks to Stables, it’s never been easier to bridge across to Base. We’ve enabled seamless conversion from your AUD to USDC and now added a withdrawal option for your USDC to Base.

You can also send USDC from the Base blockchain to your Stables wallet and withdraw it to cash into your bank account. Simples!

What is Base?

Base is a blockchain built by Coinbase, one of the world’s largest crypto exchanges. It’s an open-source optimistic roll-up, which means it’s a Layer 2 blockchain - built on top of Ethereum.

Base is the second Layer 2 built on Optimism, following the Optimism Mainnet, and was launched in August 2023.

What can I do on Base?

Many popular dApps (Decentralised Applications) have launched on Base, with more launching every week. From Compound to SushiSwap and Balancer Protocol, through to the much-anticipated, there are dozens of platforms to try on Base.

Base is set up for cheap and nearly instant transactions, with Coinbase claiming that gas fees are 10x cheaper than Ethereum.

How do I bridge to Base?

Stables now supports deposits and withdrawals to/from Base, meaning you can now send USDC to Base quickly and securely, powered by SocketTech. Getting your USDC across to Base, or withdrawing USDC from Base back to your Stables wallet is easy.

For our users in Australia, we’ve also made it super easy to buy Base USDC with AUD (as well as selling Base USDC for AUD).

How to buy Base USDC with AUD?
  1. Top up your balance on Stables via bank transfer or payID.
  2. Withdraw your USDC, and in “Select network”, click on Base.
  3. Confirm your withdrawal, ensuring your wallet address for Base is correct.
  4. That’s it - your USDC will be available on your Base wallet within minutes!
How to sell Base USDC for AUD?
  1. Click “Top up” within the Stables app and copy your unique wallet address.
  2. Send USDC from your Base wallet to your Stables wallet.
  3. Wait a few minutes, and your USDC will be available in your Stables wallet.
  4. Click “Withdraw” and supply your current bank account details.
  5. Your USDC will be automatically converted into AUD and withdrawn to your bank account within 48 hours!

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