Convert YGG Instantly with Stables

Liam Thomson
• Publilshed
April 2, 2024

We are pumped to finally announce support for cryptocurrency deposits to Stables, providing one of the easiest ways to get real world utility from your crypto, instantly cashing it out and off-ramping into your bank account or e-wallet.

The first asset we’ll be supporting is the YGG token on Polygon.

Yield Guild Games is a Philippine-based gaming guild that focuses on the burgeoning play-to-earn or GameFi sector, which allows players to earn crypto rewards (such as the YGG token) for participating in virtual competitions.

Why YGG Token?

At Stables, we are huge fans of the team at YGG and, since launching into the Philippines, have constantly supported how users are looking to utilise crypto assets. We added Ronin Network in February 2024, and this week marks the support of YGG on Ronin Network (which Stables will also aim to support soon). They’ve invested in and support several web3 native games, including titles like Axie Infinity, Pixels, Illuvium and My Pet Hooligan.

But the fun doesn’t stop here - we’re looking to roll out support for other cryptocurrencies over the next few months, allowing our users to go from digital assets into stablecoins instantly and securely, allowing you to spend, send or off-ramp into fiat easily.

What happens when I send YGG to my Stables Wallet?

As soon as you send your YGG token across to your Stables wallet address (make sure it’s on the Polygon blockchain), you’ll receive a push notification and email saying that we’ve received your deposit and will credit your wallet with the equivalent value in USDC, also on Polygon.

We use the power of SocketTech to swap it on-chain using Decentralized Exchanges to instantly convert it into USDC in your Stables wallet. From there, you can send USDC to any other Stables wallet or external crypto wallet, exchange it, or cash it out to your e-wallet or bank account!

Are you running a promotion to celebrate?

Of course we are! Deposit YGG into your Stables account between April 4th and May 5th, 2024 to go into a weekly draw of $100USDC. Plus the top 10 depositors of YGG token will share in a prize pool of 2,000 YGG tokens.

Plus, our first 1,500 new users in the Philippines can get a 2 YGG bonus when they sign up with our secret code (available here).

How to instantly convert your YGG into PHP or AUD

1. Tap “Top up” and select “Crypto”

2. Select YGG on Polygon and copy your Stables wallet address

3. You’ll also be able to see an estimate of how much USDC you’ll receive based on the amount of YGG tokens you have

4. Go to your external wallet holding your YGG token and send to your Stables address

5. In a few minutes, your USDC will be ready to go in your Stables wallet - ready to withdraw into your e-wallet or bank account

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