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Upside and Stables Announce Partnership Extension to drive web3 growth 

Ash Oddi
• Publilshed
June 24, 2024

Upside, a leading Australian crypto hub and web3 fund, and Stables, a rapidly growing digital wallet for stablecoins born out of Australia announce a strategic partnership aimed at accelerating the growth and adoption of web3 technologies in Australia, and globally. 

This collaboration will leverage the strengths of both companies to deliver value to the crypto/web3 community through events, education and content. 

Stables is a pioneering stablecoin payment platform based in Australia, committed to empowering users worldwide to transact freely and securely. Stables enables users to spend, send, and earn stablecoins, all within a single balance. It offers one of the best consumer crypto products on the market, providing a seamless experience for using stablecoins to pay for everyday items.

Founded in February 2021, Stables has grown exponentially, solidifying its global presence across Australia, Southeast Asia, and Africa, with more countries set to be unlocked over the next three months.

“At Stables, we want to help people debank themselves, making sending, spending, and earning stablecoins effortless without traditional financial institutions,” said Bernardo Bilotta, CEO at Stables. “Solidifying this partnership with Upside represents our continued support within the Australian crypto space, and it’s the perfect time for both parties to cement this relationship as we grow into 2024 and 2025,” he continued.

Upside’s crypto hub in Melbourne now attracts over 25 businesses that call Upside their home. It’s backed by Australian founders and builders and aims to shape the next iteration of the internet by supporting web3 talent and startups. A large portion of crypto/web3 event activity happens through Upside and this new partnership will continue to facilitate new event activity. 

“We’re super excited to extend our partnership with Stables after laying foundations over the last 12 months together. Stables were one of our first crypto businesses to partner with us and in an industry where things move so fast with a lot of volatility, I think it’s a credit to both companies' commitment to growing alongside each other,” said Greg Oakford, Head of Ecosystem & Partnerships at Upside.

“Stables have been shipping like crazy lately and we look at ourselves as being a valuable partner that can help spotlight the product in APAC and drive meaningful outcomes through marketing, media and events,” he said. 

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the Australian crypto landscape, uniting two prominent players to drive innovation and adoption in industry. 

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