Stables is open to the public! (alpha) 🚀

Elsa Zhang
• Publilshed
October 31, 2022

Some background history

Its almost been a year since we announced our capital raise with the bold vision of making stablecoins safe and accessible for the next billion users. Since then, we witnessed the demise of Terra UST, the implosion of CeFi with 3AC, Celsius (and more), and a drastic shift in the macroeconomic environment. However, our conviction and vision hasn’t budged because we believe stablecoins are the biggest financial innovation of our time and we are committed to making them usable and accessible to all.

One place to grow, spend & earn stablecoins

We’re super excited to announce that our web app is now live, marking the first step in our vision to make stablecoins, such as USDC, USDT & BUSD, usable in everyday life.

This is just our alpha release, we have a tonne of super exciting features planned for the coming months that will make Stables your go-to destination to spend, send & earn stablecoins.

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Now, let’s have a look at what cool features you can use in this first release 👀.

Access to your new digital dollar account 💵

Get started by creating an account in under 30 seconds using your mobile number & email. We’ll provide you with a unique Ethereum wallet address as well as a PayID and Bank Account if you're in Australia. Accessing your new digital USD wallet has never been this easy 🪐

Verify your identity to access the best stablecoin wallet in market

Get your identity verified by uploading your preferred ID and a selfie, we have partnered with Onfido to keep your personal data safe and secure. The verification process, in most cases, takes less than 3 minutes.

Get your account funded in a blink of an eye using AUD or stablecoins

You’re now ready to make your first deposit! To fund your account select your preferred payment method (PayID, bank account or stablecoins) and transfer the funds. If transferring AUD (fiat) we’ll provide you with an estimated FX rate that we’ll use to on-ramp your AUD into USDC. If transferring USDC, USDT or BUSD just use your unique Stables wallet address to transfer.

Full flexibilty to off-ramp to fiat into your bank account (in AU) or stablecoins to your wallet

Withdrawing is straight forward and easy - whether you want to convert to fiat or keep as stablecoins and send it to an external wallet address. Withdraw any time, with no lock in contract, in just a few of seconds. Your money, your way, always!

Track your transactions in one place

Track all of your deposits, and withdrawals all in one place 💰 Here you’ll also receive your monthly statement that you can retain for your own records.

Your personal details at your fingertips

Access all of your personal details, payment methods and bank accounts at a glance 🤝 Although at this stage it’s not possible to update these on your own, should you like to update any details just send us a message in the live chat and we’ll get it sorted for you 😊

What’s next?

We’re building out our iOS & Android app, as well as building out our spend feature and expanding our on/off ramping capabilities. So stay tuned to make sure you don’t miss out on any updates 😎

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