Stables and Upside Join Forces with New Partnership

Ash Oddi
• Publilshed
November 8, 2023

In a strategic move by two rapidly growing Australian crypto companies, Upside and Stables are thrilled to announce their collaboration through an exciting new partnership that will deliver value to the Web3 community through education, events and content. It will also provide Stables an official home away from home in Melbourne at Upside HQ, with its primary office situated in Sydney. 

Stables is a digital wallet that allows users to spend, send and earn stablecoins, all on one balance. ​Founded in February 2021 and backed by leading global VCs, Stables has formed a stellar team in Australia and has recently expanded to the Philippines. 

They provide robust solutions to empower the Web3 business community operating and growing within the Upside ecosystem. Stables helps equip businesses within the DAO to manage their treasury efficiently, streamline payroll processes and facilitate fund transfers.

“At Stables, we want to help people debank themselves, making sending, spending and earning stablecoins even more seamless than using a traditional bank account. Since our launch in 2023, we’ve made enormous strides locally, with Australians loving their Stables Mastercards. We’ve also expanded internationally, opening off-ramps into Philippine Pesos and will be in even more markets by the year’s end,” said Erez Rachamim, CEO at Stables.

“Solidifying this partnership with Upside represents our continued support within the Australian crypto space - and it’s the perfect time for both companies to cement this relationship as we grow into 2024,” he continued.

Upside is an Australian crypto hub located in Melbourne and a dedicated Web3 fund backed by Australian founders and builders to help shape the next iteration of the internet. Upside HQ is a melting pot for Web3 talent and startups. It also calls itself home to representatives from crypto companies such as Apollo Crypto, Fireblocks, Illuvium, Collective Shift, and now - Stables.

“We hit it off with the team at Stables a few months ago to bring together a high-energy evening and have been exploring ways to work together on a more permanent basis. Both of our organisations are very different, but we share the same commitment to champion the Australian Web3 scene and drive crypto adoption,” said Greg Oakford, Head of Growth and Partnerships at Upside. 

“Stables is a great product. I’ve used it myself and know so many others who enjoy using a crypto app in everyday life. It certainly flies in the face of the commentary around crypto not having enough real-world use cases. Over the coming months, we’ll be delivering more high-quality events in conjunction with Stables and producing content to educate people on all things Web3 further, and with a recent shift in sentiment, there’s no better time to get on the front foot.” 

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