No Hidden Fees

Bernie Bilotta
• Publilshed
May 1, 2024

When we say “no hidden fees”, we mean it. 

We want to make using Stables as transparent and fair as possible, bringing stablecoins and blockchain-based remittances to as many people as possible.

By design, cryptocurrency is traceable and transparent, and we want our fees to match this, not be convoluted and complex.

With Stables, it’s FREE to:
  • Receive stablecoins (USDC, USDT, DAI or PYUSD) and store them with us
  • Receive crypto (YGG deposits are currently supported, with more coming soon)
  • Transfer between Stables to other Stables wallets
  • Spend from your USDC balance via the Stables Mastercard

The following incurs a small fee, which you can view before confirming your transaction:
  • Sending stablecoins to an external wallet (gas fee plus 0.1% of the amount sent)

Lastly, these transactions will incur a spread, which can be viewed in-app before completing:
  • Buying USDC with boomer bucks (AUD)
  • Selling USDC into filthy fiat (AUD or PHP)

FX Rate (Exchange Rate):
  • This is the rate at which we are swapping USDC for your local fiat currency and forms most of the “spread” that is charged

"Our fee" estimate:
  • This small fee (visible before you top up or withdraw) includes facilitating payments, compliance to keep your account safe and technology infrastructure that enables Stables to operate day-to-day.

At the end of the day, Stables is one of hundreds of platforms available to users across Australia, the Philippines (and the rest of the globe), and we aim to make our fees as understandable and fair as possible.

We are constantly evolving, striving to keep our costs and spreads low, enhancing the financial experience for our users.

If you ever have questions about our fees, contact us via our 24/7 in-app live chat support, Twitter account, Telegram or Discord.

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