February 19, 2022

It’s time for the future of money

The transition to a fair, open and inclusive financial system is taking place all...

The transition to a fair, open and inclusive financial system is taking place all around us. We are well and truly on the verge of everyday people using digital assets without even realising it.

To help us bring about this change even faster, we have teamed up with some strategic investors as part of a A$5.2M seed round.

Here’s some of the incredible people we’ve partnered with:

  • Jump Capital
  • Global Founders Capital
  • FinTech Collective
  • DACM
  • B Digital
  • Decision Tree Capital
  • Investible
  • LedgerPrime
  • 0x Ventures
  • Athena Ventures
  • Double Peak
  • Valhalla Capital
  • Parsiq
  • NxGen
  • Waterdrip Capital
  • CoinList Seed Batch IV
  • Alvin Singh and Bosco Tan (co-founders at Pocketbook)
  • Heslin Kim (co-founder at SupraOracles)
  • Jonty Kelt (founder at Fantail Ventures)
  • Lucas He (co-founder at OP Crypto)

What do our partners say?

Tito Costa, Partner at Global Founders Capital: “We are honoured to partner with the team at tiiik. We believe their attention to product, user experience and regulated fiat ramps will finally offer a seamless experience to investors approaching this asset class.”

Sean Lippel, Head of Digital Assets and Partner at FinTech Collective: "We are excited to back a team that has experience building world class fintech products and now aims to bring savvy regulatory compliant stablecoin products to the APAC region and beyond.”

Richard Galvin, CEO at DACM: ”Now that blockchain technology’s capabilities have been demonstrated through the incredible growth of the initial DeFi ecosystem the next phase is scaling that technology to make it accessible to a much broader user-base. We see tiiik as an important project striving to make that happen and are excited to partner with the team.”

Daniel Veytsblit, Investment Director at Investible: “We are incredibly excited to back a strong operating team who are opening a new asset class to investors in the APAC region”

Shiliang Tang, CIO at LedgerPrime: “As the application layer in the industry evolves, it will become increasingly important to focus on the user experience. We believe tiiik is best positioned to tackle that.”

Gavin Ezekowitz, CEO at B Digital: “We are excited both as investors and users of tiiik. The future of finance is bridging the old world of financial assets, enabling improved diversification and more choice ”

AIRtx, core contributor at 0x Ventures: “We are thrilled to support such amazing founders who are disrupting the way traditional investors gain exposure to cryptocurrency markets. We believe tiiik is strategically positioned to dominate this sector.”

What next?

Funds raised will enable us to continue development of the backend infrastructure required for seamless onboarding into a better financial system.

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