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Jambo! You can now send to Africa 🌍

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May 28, 2024

We’re back for another product launch! And we’re super excited to share we’re teaming up with Yellow Card to make a splash in the African Market. Just another step towards our global goal 💪

Yellow Card is the largest and first licensed Stablecoin on/off ramp on the African continent. Operating across 20 countries, they provide individuals and businesses of all sizes across Africa with secure, liquid, and cost-effective access to USDT, USDC, and PYUSD via their local currency directly and through their Payments API.

Our partnership with Yellow Card opens the door to seamless, cost-effective, and secure transactions for millions of users across 15 African countries to start, with many more to come.

Our co-founder, Bernardo Bilotta, is pumped about this venture, recognising Africa as a vibrant market with immense scalability potential. "We see tremendous opportunity in Africa, driven by the growing demand for stablecoins. For us, this launch enables us to make a profound impact on the everyday lives of Africans and their financial health and options," says Bilotta.

Echoing this excitement, Chris Maurice, CEO and co-founder of Yellow Card, adds, "Stables' robust team and cutting-edge technology, together with Yellow Card’s innovative Payments API, will empower even more customers to access and utilise financial services more effectively. Africa is the Stablecoins continent, so there is no more natural place for the Stables team to expand."

Off the bat, this partnership allows us to add more currencies to our revamped send experience. So now, anyone using the Stables app can cash out their crypto to an African bank account or mobile wallet, alongside our Aussie and Philippine rails. Check out all the currencies we support here, and keep your eyes peeled as we add more over the coming weeks.

So how do I send cash to an African bank account or mobile wallet?
  1. Just head to Send
    Open the Stables app and tap the Send tab
  2. Add a recipient
    Select bank account or mobile wallet, and enter the payment details
  3. Enter an amount
    Enter how much you want to send, what it’s for, and hit confirm. Easy!

Again, we’re super excited about our entry into Africa and our collaboration with Yellow Card. Thanks for joining us on this journey so far and stay tuned for more product updates 🚀

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