Introducing: Crypto Top Ups

Bernie Bilotta
• Publilshed
April 8, 2024

At Stables, we've diligently created a seamless experience for crypto holders to convert their tokens into Stablecoins. After many hours of deliberation and design, we're thrilled to rally behind a concept that excites us all.

We're proud to announce our latest feature, “Crypto Top Up”.

"Crypto Top Up" simplifies the conversion process by reducing the number of steps and clicks a user needs to convert their tokens into stablecoins. By depositing a supported token to Stables, an automatic on-chain swap is triggered, which credits your Stables wallet with USDC in seconds.

How does it work?

We automatically provide an on-chain quote when you opt for "Crypto Top Up" and specify how much of the token you want to deposit. This quote includes an estimate of the USDC you'll receive and the fees involved in the swap.

These figures are sourced through Socket Tech, which allows us to aggregate several decentralized exchanges and bridges to perform the swap via the most profitable route. 

The best part is that you won't need gas tokens to complete any of these transactions, as they're all calculated and deducted from your USDC balance.

Giga brain explainer on how you can turn any crypto token into stablecoins.

The user experience

Deposit into the same wallet you already know and love.

Why would I want my token listed on Stables?

We don’t charge any listing fees and only want to collaborate on some cool co-marketing campaigns together!

As a protocol, it's crucial to recognize that your users will occasionally need liquidity. To access it, they must convert your native token into stablecoins and then off-ramp into fiat.

Unfortunately, we're noticing that many crypto founders and projects deliberately complicate this process, as they don't want users to sell their tokens.

We believe there is a better way. Providing an easy and user-friendly method to convert tokens into stablecoins increases trust in your product and encourages further usage and adoption.

If you’ve read this far and would love to see your token listed, fill out this form, and the team will get back to you!

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