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Community update: September 2022

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September 30, 2022

Welcome to the September edition of our product & community update! You’re probably busy so we’ll keep this one short & sweet 🏃‍♂️.

📍 What’s new?

Our stablecoin deposit and withdraw feature has been rolled out to our alpha users.

This means no more USDC sitting in an exchange. It can now be easily transferred over to  tiiik

Check out the full blog post here.

We also announced our partnership with SupraOracles to provide us with yield and asset prices on different protocols. This will enable us to expand our offerings and give you more options in the near future.

Learn more about the partnership here.

We have more exciting partnership announcements coming soon that we know you’ll be excited about! Keep an eye out for them on our Twitter and Linkedin.

🌎 Crypto headlines in September

Australia to run a CBDC pilot soon. This is great news for crypto enthusiasts who want more digital currencies integrated into their everyday lives.

Starbucks partners with Polygon to offer an NFT-based loyalty program. This is another great example of how blockchain tech can disrupt existing industries! It’s also a perfect example of how crypto can be used for things other than just money transfers or investments—there’s many use-cases we're keen to bring to life at tiiik!

Curve Finance unveils plans to launch native stablecoin. Curve is planning to roll out its own stablecoin - crvUSD. The preliminary code for the token has been uploaded on GitHub.

Gamestop doubling down on crypto by partnering with crypto exchange FTX. They haven’t spelled out too many details yet but they did share that the partnership is intended to introduce more GameStop customers to FTX’s community and its marketplaces for digital assets.

Last but not least!

We’re making tiiik for you, so we’d love to hear your feedback! Join us & get involved on your favourite platform using the button below.

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