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Community update: July 2023

Ash Oddi
• Publilshed
August 17, 2023

Welcome to the July edition of our product & community update! We're back with the latest scoop after a super exciting month. Let’s dive right in and catch you up on everything going on.


  • Apple Pay: We went live with our Apple Pay integration.
  • Meetups & Partnerships: We've been at community events in NSW, QLD, WA and VIC in the past month.
  • Web3 Creators: We're joining forces with Upside to empower Web3 creators in Aus.
  • App Updates: We've released a load of updates to our app!

What's new?
🍎 Apple Pay

In case you missed it, we had one of our most exciting moments with the launch of Apple Pay. We’ve already seen a bunch of photos and videos of you paying with your Stables card (thank you for tagging us). Keep tapping away and sharing your experiences using the card - we love seeing Stables IRL!

If you haven’t tried adding your Stables card to your Apple Pay yet - try it out for yourself now.

🌐 Meetups & Partnerships

We've been on the move, attending several events and engaging with Web3 communities across Australia. From Sydney to Melbourne and Perth, we spoke to the Aus DeFi community and the Web3 & Vee meetup in Brisbane. We also got a chance to head back to Uni and play poker with the University of NSW’s Crypto & Blockchain Society for a lively night!

We’re also proudly supporting two initiatives led by women in the industry: Women in Emerging Technology and All Things Blockchain. Jess Renden, CEO of Cointree, will be the keynote address at All Things Blockchain in Brisbane - register your interest here.

💻 Web3 Creators

Our dedication to empowering Web3 creators and supporting the crypto community is stronger than ever. We’ve partnered with creator-led communities, such as Upside, to highlight how Web3 businesses can give power back to community members, creators, and artists like never before. Don't miss our talk at UpsideDAO on the 24th of August in Melbourne. Get a ticket here.

📱App Updates

We’ve also released a bunch of helpful updates over the past month, all designed to help you and make your Stables wallet even more powerful.

  • Multi-Currency Balances: You can now click on your balance and convert it to your local fiat currency. Choose your preferred currency in the settings, with up to 12 fiat currencies now supported.
  • Clickable QR Code: You may notice a QR code symbol in the bottom-right corner of your balance card. Click it for a shortcut and see your wallet’s deposit QR code.
  • Chain Icons: You can now view the supported networks for your Stables wallet at a glance.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but keep your eyes peeled for more developments in the world of Stables over the next couple of weeks.

See you next month! 💜

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