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Community update: January 2022

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January 31, 2022

For the new year, one of our primary goals was to be more transparent. Part of this initiative for us is making community updates for all of you to see what exactly the team is working on.

Here’s the updates for this month

Website launch

New look, new functions, and a lot of backend work into bug fixes and design went into the site. This is important because it marks a greater focus for us on being able to serve as an effective onramp for people outside of crypto to access the world of decentralised finance - and having a clear user interface is a big part of that.

Beta testing

Onboarding has started for the first group of users into tiiik. We will be collecting information about how the product is used and making sure that by the time we launch to all of you, the user experience is as easy and smooth as possible.


We are continuing to research the most effective ways to expand into new regions (incl. Hong Kong and Europe). Along with this we are exploring two additional KYC vendors and integrating a marketing automation platform — made possible by our amazing developers and their hard work on the backend of things!

Stay tuned for next months update. You can also join the community on Discord.

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