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Community update: April 2022

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April 30, 2022

The past month it’s been all hands on deck as we put final touches on the web app.

Here’s the updates for this month


The web app build is now in testing phase ahead of alpha launch. We have been focusing on the core product experience using digital dollars, along with ensuring the backend is ready to scale for future product additions in the roadmap.

Everyone will be able to create an account and preview the dashboard. If you’re an accredited investor from Australia or New Zealand you will be able to add funds.

To ensure maximum flexibility you’ll be able to onboard in a variety of account types including individual, smsf, company and trust.

As part of release we will publish a blog outlining functionality and what you can expect to see in coming iterations.


During the month two new people were onboarded into the design and operation teams (taking the total headcount to 20+).

As launch approaches we are increasing our push towards improving the product via ecosystem partnerships. You may have seen recently that we plan to integrate with Vertex Protocol in the coming months.

There is a lot of great tech out there to implement in future iterations.

Stay tuned for next months update. You can also join the community on Discord.

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