Quests, Rewards, and Fun on Zealy!

Bernie Bilotta
• Publilshed
June 17, 2023

Stables invites all community enthusiasts to join our thrilling community campaign on Zealy. Embark on exciting quests, showcase your support, earn enticing rewards, and have an absolute blast throughout the journey!

At Stables, we value the strength of vibrant communities, and Zealy serves as our trusted ally in achieving this goal. With its comprehensive onboarding, entertainment, and educational capabilities, Zealy enables us to foster a scalable and impactful community.

But wait, there's more! Prepare for an enticing reward system. Every week, the top five participants with the highest XPs (Experience Points) will receive rewards from our generous 300 USDC prize pool paid into the winners Stables accounts.

💰 Prize Pool split 💰

  • 1st: 140 USDC
  • 2nd: 75 USDC
  • 3rd: 50 USDC
  • 4th: 20 USDC
  • 5th: 15 USDC

It's an opportunity to demonstrate your skills, knowledge, and support while winning some cool rewards along the way. Get ready to engage and gear up for action!

Whether you're already familiar with Zealy or just starting, we've got you covered with a simple guide to help you hit the ground running. Find the guide here:  and quickly grasp everything about Zealy.

Each week, we'll unveil new quests that ignite your creativity, challenge your skills, and encourage active participation. To get involved, follow these steps:

  • Stay tuned on the Zealy dashboard for quest announcements.
  • Carefully read the quest descriptions to understand the objectives.
  • Put your skills to the test and complete the quest tasks within the given timeframe.
  • Keep a close eye on the leaderboard and aim for the top spots.
  • Get excited as we announce the weekly rewards every Monday!

Join us on Zealy, embrace the challenges, and let your efforts be recognized and rewarded. It's time to embark on a thrilling questing journey and leave your mark in the Stables community.

Together, we'll create an environment of growth, engagement, and fun!

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